Week 1 – My New Life

new life in progress“Today I begin a new life”. The more I say this statement the more I realized that my first step on my journey of self discovery starts from within.

One of my very first steps towards making a positive change within began when I read my first personal development book. The idea of goals and consistent effort intrigued me as I always considered myself to be ambitious. I took massive action and my transformation commenced.

However it was only until I had read ‘Think and Grow Rich’ by Napoleon Hill that I finally realized what was missing. Up until then I never considered anything such as a Definite Chief Aim. I loved the idea but never really understood how to apply the teachings of the book to my life. My dreams still remained bigger than ever but I soon began to settle; or as I greatly feared; I soon became comfortable.

One of my business colleagues eventually directed me to the Master Key Mastermind Alliance which soon became the missing piece to my puzzle. So here I am now, knee deep in daily routines, reading and auto-suggestion with the aim of replacing bad habits with good ones.napoleon hill qoute

I have learned so much and its only week one!! But upon reflection, the main lesson thus far would have to be the importance of the subconscious mind; the part of me that never sleeps. I now give myself permission to be still, be present and allow the greater part of myself to resonate from within. As stated in the Master Key System, “…it is through the subconscious that we are connected with the Universal Mind…”; the source of infinite intelligence.

So off I go to re-read Chapter 8 from the book ‘The Greatest Salesman in the World” by OG Mandino as I have realized that the most important sale I will ever make in life is selling myself to myself.