Week 17a – When it Rains, It Pours

I always use to hear the older heads in my community say stuff like “when it rains it pours”. This saying was always used to complain about situations in life that seem to be getting progressively worst. For instance you may have allocated money to pay bills then an unexpected circumstance arrives that requires even more money to be spent.

I on the other hand have been using this same said phrase positively to mean the showering of blessings from above. I guess I am that strange person who loves the sound of rain on the roof top.

Right now this entire self-discovery journey has been mixed with excitement and anxiety all rolled in one. Giving myself permission to be my authentic self is liberating to say the least and is also a direct result of being clear about my true desires. So now that I am at that point in my life I am experiencing a wave of what can only be described as ‘blessings abundance’. As one opportunity comes, so does another and another; in most cases even better that I imagined.


Sometimes I want to say “Ok universe, slow down so that I can wrap my thoughts around what’s in front of me before you show me another” but then I remember that some things are bigger than you so my recent motto is “Just go with the flow”.

I would love to tell you in detail about each and every situation but the river of my dreams is taking me for another swim. I promise to be back next week to share some more. So until then; let the blessings flow. 🙂