Week 18 – Perception is Key

As I begin this week with a new chapter from Og Mandino’s ‘The Greatest Salesman in the world’ I reflect on these words “I will live this day as if its my last.”  I thought to myself if we really lived in each as though it were our last what would that actually look like? Little things that would normally be a big issue would no longer matter.

I find myself one week behind on the weekly webinars but I am not stressing out as I keep telling myself that I will persist until I succeed. In the previous webinar we looked at the Hero’s journey and learned about our own dragons that we must all slay so that we can live from a place of Faith and Service. I heard Davene say: ” You were made first class by first class and you are entitled to go first class providing that you are willing to provide a first class service.” I felt empowered by this statement to say the least. I even wrote it on a card to remind myself daily of it.

perception_change the way you look at things

I found myself teaching my daughter the lesson of persistence and courage as she experienced her own hero’s journey.

We are in full swing of the Carnival season here in Trinidad and my daughter being an avid masquerader competes in an individual competition over the course of 3 consecutive weekends. Just as we were transporting her costume back to the designer to put the final touches on it, it was blown off the back of a truck and onto the highway where it was completely destroyed after being trampled on by on coming traffic. It seemed such an impossible task to re-do a costume to the same standard in less than 24 hrs, but thanks to the help of an amazing team who literally stayed up the entire night it was done. WE PERSISTED UNTIL WE SUCCEEDED !!!!!

Then I handed it over to my 6 yr old daughter who danced her little socks off. Even though she was competing against 30+ older girls in the 6-9 year old category she still managed to place 2nd. Talk about a big smile from ear to ear.

red cross11-makayla questel frederick-jewel of the caribbean

For me I reflected on two valuable life lessons:

1. Always complete what you have started.

2. If you push yourself to the limit of the unknown then you will realize that you do not break. (Greatness can be found at the brink of life’s biggest disappointments)

Loving this journey more and more 🙂