Week 21 – Happiness is A Choice

This week I reflected on a few situations that happened that caused me to observe the behavior of other people as well as my own. It was interesting to know that some people no matter how many solutions they are given to help their life problems they still choose to make themselves unhappy. You could help them move to a better house, school, job or even a more stable relationship but because they carry themselves with them wherever they go they will always repeat their well rehearsed habits to ensure their unhappiness.

Choose to be happy

I made sure to note that other people’s behaviors and actions are not a reflection of me. I am in a great point in my life where I choose to see the blessings in each experience. I realize that somehow when someone or something in my life is not in alignment with the core energy of who I truly am then as though orchestrated by a power beyond my human comprehension, that person, situation, thing or circumstance is somehow removed from my daily interactions. At the onset of this I sometimes find myself asking questions like “Why did that happen?” or ” What could I have done differently to avoid this from happening?”. But when I become an observer of the situation, I realize that it has happened for the sake of my Highest Good. Then I remember that my happiness is my choice.

So now I am excited to welcome yet another month in my MKMMA journey and as this month ahead also marks the last few weeks of the webinars I promise to give myself the gift of completion because “I Choose to be Happy.”

Looking forward to reading the next chapter of The Greatest Salesman in the World so until then spread some happiness and have a wonderful week. 🙂