Week 22 – Silence is Golden

What a week! This week we were given the task of literally shutting away all external factors and embark on what I would describe as a vow of silence. (My very own internal retreat.)

So what that meant was No phones, No people, No conversations, No Internet and No electronic devices of any kind. Just YOU and Your connection to the supreme being within.

Now I have to admit that I was very excited about this task. I actually wanted 2 full days of silence but circumstances would not allow it to happen in that exact way. So once I sorted out my childcare arrangements I was able to commit to 6 hours of silent bliss.

I generally appreciate having quiet times by myself because it is in these moments where my thinking gets amazingly clear. I experience what I would describe as pure thought. I personally believe this happens once a connection is made via meditation or prayer to the divine power within.

wise souls_silence

In my stillness I achieved a series of mini sits. I took a moment to be grateful for all that I have been blessed with as well as all the blessing to come. I made copious notes to capture the essence of my pure thoughts. I gained clarity on a few matters that was causing me to be a bit indecisive. It was as though I was being guided to take inspired action.

What an experience!!!